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My homie Americol gets Dubbed! Peep this freestyle

The video’s a straight-off-the-dome freestyle which he laced pretty well…

Previuos: Sauce Kid – Light Up Freestyle Video

I know most of ya’ll aint familiar with the African hiphop scene. But news flash for the un-initiated. Shit’s popin’ over @ the African continent… What most of you do not know is that Nigerian hiphop’s takin over both Great Brittain and Africa. The dude I am about to present here is called Sauce Kid. He’s a Nigerian who used to live in America who considered to move back.  While back in the motherland he then signed to Storm Records and cut a big deal. He’s now a wealthy rapper representin’ Africa AND America, and just landed his 1st Album called African American…

Here’s a freestyle he did on Drake’s “Light Up” which will appear on the “Da Rip Off” mixtape billed to drop real soon (dude is seriously on his grind… don’t even try to hate). Enjoy!

Here’s a High Quality interview with a few questions including why it has taken so long (since 2008) to deliver the African American album, how and why he hooked up with Storm, what to expect from the album and more.  Make sure to watch it!

Roozey freeastylin’ on Wakas Hard in the paint

Download link: Rick Ross: Hard In Da Paint (Freestyle)

Ace Hood playin on Rick Ross and Kanye beats

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