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This is the 7th Swagga Interview. We in Compton this time with homie K9. It’s been a while since we did an interview. I was supposed to do this one a while ago, but as I made clear I have been caught up in RL, with school and a lot of shit. So we’ll drop this interview right here right now for ya’ll, like a bomb ready to explode. Enjoy people!

First King of Swag wanna thank you for this oppertunity. I know you busy, and lately you been doin interviews for Ruthless Radio , Westside Radio, Urbban Radio and Pappirazzi TV. So we glad you took the time bruh. We’ve been workin together in the past and for you guys who don’t know, it was K9 who made sure I exclusevily released MC Eiht’s joint ”It’s only Me”. We appreciate it all homie. So K9 , you been in the game for quite some time. You started out as a shorty, with the right contacts at hand. As far as i know Dj Speed who worked a lot with N.W.A introduced you to the music. Can you tell us a little bit about that?

My cousins and my brother used to break dance alot and pop lock so they pulled me in. I did break for a while but I liked the way Ice T rimed so me and my cousin started to write or tryed to write hahaha, It was hard, we wrote with no beat just a clap in our head so i hooked up with Dj Speed and he was just starting to make beats so he gave me a fews and k9 was born. I never wrote to them just freestyled to them and recorded it. Also battled rappers over his beats

And from there you moved on to promoting and road managing (to eventually becoming an artist yourself). Quite a list of qualifications. Tell us about that, and let us know what artists you promoted?

I was always recording and battleing, just wanted to be in the industry more. So i started a promotions company named K9 Promotions with Platinum Street Promotion, you see I watched Eazy E and Dj Speed promote NWA so i just did what I had seen them do. Artists I have promoted?

Bone Thugs, Mel-Low , Coolio, Cj Mac, Ras Kass, Mack 10, Eazy E, Lady of Rage, Luniz, Janet Jackson, WC, Ice Cube, Armad, Mc Eiht, Tupac, DPG, Battle Cat, E 40 and the click, Red man, Method man, Poppa lq , Twista, Scarface, Snoop Dog , Dr Dre , SCC, Montell Jordan, Miss Malika, YNY, Caution, Beenie man , Ika mouse, Dred scott, Domino, Warren g , Master p , Ghetto boys, Rapper 4 tay , 112, Total, Doug E Fresh and more..

Ever since you started rappin you’ve been doin a lot of interesting colabs. You been workin with peeps like MC Eiht, Goldie Loc and Daz of DPG, proper West Coast characters. Do you have any colaborations on your latest album, ”Born and Raised in Compton” (that was released a month ago) you wanna elucidate on?

Sotto Bless, Bg Butter, Young Nate, Keboe the heff, Ace Loc, Bad azz. Espe Tube , Makavelik , Alon, T-lane, Morgan cs my kid.

When did you establish Fulldeck Records? I know you run that label so tell us a little about that, what artists you got signed to it and what future plans you got for the company.

I have signed; D Unfadeable , Bg Butter , Young Nate, Miss Malika, Morgan cs (My daughter who is then years old), Sen-x, Inferred , Kessa. Up for release are a complation/mixtape and promotion videos rather than albums.

You got any video’s out? I’m asking cause I know you’ve been directing in the past. You can tell us all bout’ that, I know everyone wanna know what’s goin’ on with that shit.

I did the RBX video ’ Overdue ’, K9 feat Kam ’What you need to do ’, K9 feat Mc Eiht ’Compton ’, K9 feat Kessa ’Westcoast party ’, K9 feat Goldie Loc ’ Hitting swicthes’ , D Unfadeble ’Throw yo hands up’, D Unfadeble ’Styles and flow ’ I did Mc Eiht ’So well’

Yo I’ve been wanting to ask you. There’s been a lot of shit surrounding your brand. People copying your name and all that. What the fuck is that about and what’s your take on it?

Mockery is the highest form of flattery and I wont change my name for no one

What city are you originally from?


I usually ask people what kinda car they drive. But I heard through the grapevine that you drive car(s)?

Cadillac Big Bodie Low Rider , 64 Chevy Super Sport Impala, Chevy Avalanche, 1957 VW Bug , 1972 Grand Prix, 1972 Impala. Lets just say I love classic cars

What is bein’ played through your speakers homie?

Too Short ’The Ghetto’, Eazy E ’Only if you want it ’, Rihanna and a lot of oldies, and not to mention Gospel music

Do you wanna share any news from the West Coast scene we should know about?

I worked with the Western Conference Event and I dont see the togetherness that needs to be there with the artist. Everybody deepdown inside hate each other when they not around each other so we need to keep them around each other everyday, lol.

And lastly, as is becoming custom in our interviews, we’d like to know what video you want played here on King of Swag. You get to request whatever you want to.

Wow, I think I’d like to hear K9 feat Goldie Loc ”Hitting Switches”

Fa sho K9, here you go:

And here’s a track K9 wanted me to release with Mc Eiht:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Download: Fine By Me (Dirty)


What’s Good People?

This is the 6th Swagga Interview. We in Florida this tyme with Double D
rapper/producer/engineer/singer outta Tallahassee to be precise. This cat’s a new risin’ name in the game and poised to make a lot of noise due to his unparralled work ethic and talent. His new mixtape Trapaganza 2: Da Re
Up is scheduled to drop next month and is hosted by CTE/ Hitmen DJs VP Bigga Rankins. I got in contact with this talanted up and coming artist through his Dj, Gee Stanley about a month ago. He prompted me to listen to his ish, and ya know what’s up with the after math of that meetin’ – us doin’ this interview and all.

First King of Swag wanna thank you for this oppertunity. When I  heard yo hit ”That Loud” played on I knew shit’s up with ya’ll. Can you tell me a little about this track, what’s your thought’s on it. Cuz it is most surely a mainstream hit, as far as I am concerned. It just need to reach out to the clubs. A lot of Dj’s would play I think…

It was actually an old beat I had in the computer for like 6 months. I always liked the beat but I knew it was gon need a different flavor not just me on the record. Then on Famu homecoming 2009 I
bumped into my dawg Swazy Baby rolled a couple blunts an the rest is history.

We know you’re managed by Ivan Rivera (who is also workin’ with J.U.S.T.I.C.E League) and TJ Chapman (who’s behind the ever-famous B.O.B). How’d you team up with these cats?

Through a mutual friend of TJ, Ivan and I my homeboy T. Wood. He felt my last situation was a bad one so he decided to introduce me to the big dawgs who was doin it in the city. He coulda introduced me to alot of ppl but nobody was doin it on their level. With Ivan I met him in the Goodbread projects an Wood was tellin him about me an I just sat in the back listenin cuz I aint wanna come across like ‘yea my music is the shit’ an him not like it. So I decided to just let the music speak for itself. Immediately when he heard the first record he asked me for a CD. But Wood wouldnt give him his CD. He was like ‘nah u gotta get ya own u cant have mines!’

I had to make Wood give up his CD by promisin him another copy cuz thats just somethin he aint gon
do. A day later Ivan hit me up an said he wanted to work with me. Since then he’s been my manager. We goin on a year now an we got a great relationship. When it comes to TJ he’s been a mogul in the city for a long time. We actually had plenty of run-ins with each other but never worked together. When he heard my CD he was blown away because he didnt think somebody from Tallahassee was makin all they beats,writing, mixing, and recording all they own music and it was actually good. So him and Ivan got together and decided they wanted to team up on managing my career. Since then doors been opening up outta everywhere.

When it comes to the Florida Scene in general, and specifically the Tallahasse scene I’m in the dark. Can you shed some light on what’s up with yo area? From what I can tell there has to be a lot of talent in the makings down your way, judging from your work mayn. And ya’ll know I’m down with the South and all..

I gotta keep this all the way real its alot of talent but just like rose seeds if u dont nurture it u’ll never get the beautiful flower that it could become. An with that bein said Im sayin its alot seeds an not enough nurturers. Its alot of talent an not enough ppl to help the talent. So the morale of the city is so low that it will take someone to show them a way to get it versus them all just wantin to be the person in the spotlight. If half of these rappers understood that its free to play the game but u gotta pay if u wanna win they’d do better. U gotta learn how to market n promote ya music to get it out.

There is no difference between me n the next rapper. Its my determination n the drive thats gettin me there. Its not like ya bigger cities here where u have DJ so n so who is tryin to break new artists n do all that. Down here its every man for themselves niggas dont care if u sink or swim. An thats sad when there’s so much talent to offer hell T. Pain is from here. He got his break n now Im gettin my break n mayb in a yr or so another person from roun here will get
theirs cuz the talent is here.

Double D! What’s up with yo choise of name?

Simple I got my name from the comic book character. His name was daredevil an if you ever bought the comic books you would kno his slogan was the ‘man with no fear.’ So, for me it was only right cuz I fear nothin in this rap game. Not failure not success none of that. Cuz ppl can fear bein successful. As a kid it had a deeper meanin tho cuz u could dare me to do anything an I was bout it an my mama used to give to me raw she said i was bad as the devil. So there u have it….

Double D

We saw you at the 9th Annual Duval Diamond Awards, where ya’ll got to perform. Exclusive Access even covered you. Do you have any upcomin’ shows you know of right now?

Im tryna do Famu Homecomin 2010 real big, probably set up some shows around the city ourselves. But hell if you kno somebody wanna book me lemme kno the schedule is open. Other than that its all work no play.

Your New Mixtape Trapaganza 2: Da Re Up got out quite recently. Do you have any  new ish your audience should know of? We would like to know when your album’s to hit the stores and all that

There is no official date yet for an album. But I am workin on a new mixtape w/ DJ Smallz droppin early next year. But the 1st thang on the agenda is killin the streets n makin the hottest shit I can make. As far as an album thats the furthest thing from my mind Im on my mixtape shit right now n tryna gain the respect of my peers cuz i feel like Im on their level. God gotta plan for all of us n I feel like mine is to feed the streets with my pullin no punches real music.

So what do you listen to when you alone? Let the readers at Kofs know what’s pumpin through your speakers right now…

At this moment in time music aint as motivational as it used to be. Im havin to go back n listen to that old Jay-Z UGK Pac 8ball MJG Biggie pretty much anything old. An some R&B cuz i like to drift way from what I do everyday. As far as new rappers u might catch me on that Young Jeezy Yo Gotti or some Lil Wayne. By listenin to them it allows to stay up on whats goin on cuz sometimes my mind will drift onto some shit thats 10 yrs ahead of its time. Some of the shit be on some other shit that doesnt deal with my street side. But at this moment in time u might catch me just listenin to nothin but air, cuz my mind needs a break.

And lastly we get all interview-ies to request a video. So what you wanna share with us pimp?

My new video for ‘Imma Do Next’ feat Ron Doe is on the way so I wanna request my shit but in the meantime I wanna request that Yo Gotti ‘Look in the Mirror.’ Its a motivational video I dig that shit.

Fa sho n Good luck. Hope we gon hear a lot more from you in the future!

This is the 5th Exclusive Swagga Interview. And now we be kickin’ it down in Cleveland, Ohio with my homie Deontee Battle aka King Kollision…He was born as ”Deontee Battle” July, 16th, 1986 in Cleveland Ohio..At the age of 14 he started making beats for many local artist in the neighbor hood.One day he felt he should try to write to one of his beats and realized he had a lot of potential so he continued to write music. In 1998 he formed a group called ”2 Raw” with artist such as Tre, Chamillion, Norris, Chaos, and Ice and were grinding music out of Kollision’s basement but then parted ways about a year later. King Kollision continued to make beats for local artist including himself.

A few years later in the year 2000 Kollision formed another group called T.M.K (Trademark) including an artist named D-Werd and thats when King Kollision started really taking his music serious. Shortly after graduating from Cleveland Heights High School he attended the Recording Workshop in Chillicothe, Ohio in 2004 and obtained a Music Engineer Certificate. In 2005 King Kollision along with an artist named Shad Hitz decided to form a group called H.T.M (Hitmakerz) also including artist D-Werd. H.T.M first started performing in 2005 at clubs such as Peabodys, Metropolis, Club Earth, Kinsman Party center, Platinum Dreams, BarCode in Kent, Ohio, a strip club in Akron, Ohio, and clubs in down town Cleveland, and local bars.

H.T.M has been on the Cleveland rap scene every since performing and grinding out hits. Kollision Has also been doing alot of features for artist around the Cleveland, Akron, Canton, Dayton, New York, and Florida areas.

So I wanna thank you for doin’ this interview boss. Cleveland… It’s not the first than you think of when on the subject of HipHop. But most folks don’t know that you from the same Area as Kid Cudi and Ray Cash. Ohio’s been busy producing alot of talent the last couple of years… But from what I know errbody’s movin out. Are you to shoulder the Ohio scene or do you have any plans on movin’ out as well?

Yeah it seems you have to move out to get things poppin cause no one wants to come to Cleveland and search for talent. We have had many of talent searches, music seminars, and Ohio award shows but no one is really getting anything out of it but spending money and making the creators of the events RICH..I kno the game and a lot of these gigs just want to get your money there not really here to help us but there here to get our hard earned cash. I don’t know about any other states but I can say that about ohio. Everyone is beefing and everyone wants to be the greatest and that’s what’s holding the cities and state back. If you look at Atlanta and Texas, the 2 spots where all the HOT music coming out of these people are sticking together and moving as a state instead of individually.

Once Cleveland stick together and move as a city who will stop us its hard to stop a big movement. But I love my home town and I cant say I have plans to leave but I have thought about relocating a few times just to get more things accomplished else where. And a lot of these artist that’s already in the game don’t even like Cleveland cause of the hate here. Cleveland is one of the poorest cities and that’s leading to stress and I feel that has a lot to do with how we act. But I will always rep my city and at the end of the day I will do everything in my power to get the city to move as a whole.

Tell us a lil’ somethin’ about Ohio. The West and the South’s allways had a special relationship. Do Ohio have an understadning with any of the other U.S Scenes?

Well Ohio is very interesting we have a lot of talented artists around the Ohio area that’s not getting the spot light that they deserve. But the crazy part is artists in Ohio love other areas but hate their own, lol its sad to say but an Ohioan will play other artist across the world but will not show there local talent any type of love and that may be because the not so good artist are getting recognition and I don’t blame the people for not supporting it. But I will say Ohio has a lot of more talent then a lot of these other states that’s on and one day the Midwest will get the time to shine but until then Ima keep grinding.

King Kollision. Interesting name bruh. Can’t you share your thoughts on that name, how it came in to being and what not?

Well I always use to call myself King and I was always one of those big headed guys who thought I was untouchable lol and over the years I have lived up to that. I did a lot of collabs in my day and did features with a lot of different names and different areas and I feel like I smash everything I touch and wreck beats and I have heard it many of times so I though it would be interesting to call myself King Kollision, It’s original and catchy and I think it fits me well.

Deontee, you just released a mixtape ”WE ARE THE CITY”.. Enlighten us on what it’s about and tell us something about your colabs on it. Pretty interesting names from what I can tell…

Believe it or not but I put this mixtape We Are The City together in a week and distributed it all within a week. I have many collabs from some known names In Ohio such as Shad Hitz, D-Werd, Gwop Gang and many more and this mixtape have been buzzin around and making noise and I am currently working on vol 2.

I pretty much through some of the hottest artist in the OHIO area on the tape and next go around I will expand the areas of artist in which I choose so KING OF SWAG if you know any dope artist tell them to shoot me an email: so I can get them on that next tape. But for all the readers make sure yall go check out WE ARE THE CITY vol 1. THX

2.3 million hits on Myspace. That’s pretty big man. What do you think makes you stand out? With a fan base as big as yours… You gots to have IT. What is your ”IT”?

”I have a bag full of swag and the lyrical ability to kill tracks and that’s what really makes me stand out. I treat every track like its my last…”

Man I’ve been blessed to receive a lot of attention where im at and I very much stand out by my versatile style my lyrics. A lot of people may put me in the category of Dirty South by the production but what makes me so unique is that I have a bag full of swag and the lyrical ability to kill tracks and that’s what really makes me stand out. I treat every track like its my last and if every artist keep that in mind then a lot of them will find there music to grow. Also never be scared to try new things even if you think its going to be corny cause 9 out of 10 someone probably thought about the same thing.

Listen, do you have any shows comin’ up? We’d like to know when and where and with who?

I have been traveling over Ohio doing shows lately with my 2 members Shad Hitz & D-werd and we do have a show coming up on the 30 at Peabody’s downtown Cleveland and many more that my management is putting together but I don’t have any dates as of now. You can stay updated on my shows by checking out my links daily or

When I listen to you, I’m reminded of the south. Waka Flocka rings a bell. But I dont even know why, your styles are not the same. Could it be the beats perhaps? I dont know. What I want to know though is, where do you get your inspiration. Is it in the DS? (Dirty South)

A lot of people tell me I can fit in Down South and up North cause of my versatile styles. But a lot of my inspiration comes from local artist in Ohio and that’s because we have a lot of not so good rappers that’s getting more recognition then the good artist that deserves it and that makes me go harder on everything I do.

I can say my production I choose has a dirty south feel I can agree with that but Waka and Gucci are not inspiration to me but I do love the up tempo sound. Im a Producer myself and I can say my own production inspires me a lot and as well as my camp SHAD HITZ & D-WERD

The readers @ Kofs wanna know what music’s streamin through your speakers?

All Man I got everything in the Ipod right now lol from Jay z, Eminem, Drake, Lil wayne, Nikki minaj, J-Cole, Kanye West and many more. If its HOT then its streamin no matter who it is I listen to all types of genres from Rock, Pop, Country I Just love music and Im sure we all do music can do wonderful things to the mind.

You know it’s custom dawg. What music you wanna request?

I would like to request that On My Grind By “King Kollision” This is a motivational song that puts me in a Grind State Of Mind….KING ISHHHH

Not Workin? Watch it here!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

(Diclaimer: The Sound to this track has been edited in, it is not a live sound)

Yo man… Dope! So we’ll be postin your freestyle and shout out video when ever it’s done bruh… good luck!

This is the 4th Exclusive Swagga Interview and now we in Watts, South L.A, California. Introducin’ Unpredictable R.E.D. biggest parlayer in L.A.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Watts up R.E.D.! 1st off, thank you for your time. Secondly, I wanna say I’m glad to have you as a guest on King of Swag. So yeah movin on to the nitty-griddy facts, I think the readers wanna know who you are and what you do?

First off I wanna let people out there know that I’m human, and the reason I say that is because these modern day hiphop artist don’t relate to their fans I’m about dealing with the people you know actually willing to have a conversation about life with folks. Being that I’m from Watts Ca  I’ve seen some things that many will never see, and been around people that many wouldn’t give the time or day I fucks with people from the business men to the drug addicts. It takes a special person to survive the Watts life. Doing music is my passion I classify it as STRE-EAT music, music that the average person can relate to. I mean everybody ain’t getting doe pushing a Range, Bentley, or RR. Its serious out here man, so where’s the music for the teenager who just lost his pops, or the 14 year old girl that just got raped they not trying to hear about how much fucking money you got ,and do they give a fuck about yo cars. These are my targets the have nots! I have my own engine to push this shit..STRE-EAT FAME ENTERTAINMENT bringing fame to the streets so we all can eat is our focus.

So we’ve been talkin for a while now.. And from what i know you’ve just released an Album (Blunt Music). And now that the word’s out, what’s the reactions down your Rancho? Cuz from what I hear, things are getting bright for you guys and your fan base are getting bigger and bigger….

Yea its crazy! We’ve been really utilizing this World Wide Web to promote this music and people are giving tons of positive feedback. Besides hitting the streets the web is a lot more cost effective. It took a while for me to release this cd I wanted everything to be professional for the fans the wait was worth it I’m getting some much local and overseas love. People send me messages all the time telling me about how they can appreciate me representing where I’m from without claiming or portraying to be something that I’m not people all over the globe are still in love with that 90’s West coast sound and feel, and that’s what I give.

Watch this Interview (Red Talkin bout growin up in Watts)

Are there any interesting colabs on it the readers should know of? I know your partnah Rodney (310Prophet) been down with Bay Area cats before like Big Caz and E40 doin’ some work…

Well of course! 1st I have to mention my solid producers/partners 310Prophet and CnoEvo Inglewoods finest for lacing me with some hot tracks for Blunt Music. Other colabs include Sixxx Duce, Rondo, Que Rain, Wayne D, and Big Tripp.

Do you have any shows comin’ up? I know peeps wanna see more of you.

I’m currently putting a plan together to do some shows overseas, I’ll be keeping my fans updated on my online profiles.

Man listen. I dig your stuff and all that. But what do you think differentiates you from other artists? What makes you WHO you are?

The fact that I’m hard and I keeps it real lmoa how many times have you heard that shit? Naw but seriously I’m a solider, you know how a solider aint never afraid to move solo? That’s me I don’t need to a platoon of muthafuckas to make a move I’m a leader I don’t and won’t follow trends. I had a Dj tell me “that music had changed” Not! Music has remained the same since music has been music, but it’s the people that have changed the way that the music is presented. This genre of music that I do is suppose to be about uplifting and unification do yo research if yall not hip. I’m about bringing fame to the Stre-eats so we all can eat. I give the fans the same shit that we all fell in love with before it got intruded by imposters. No rags, no skinny jeans, no false background what you see and hear is the truth. Being a Watts citizen makes me who I am. Seeing moms on drugs and pops always gone made me mature real fast, having to make solid decisions on my own, it’s easy to get caught up in the gang and drug life when all the homies is doing it, but standing out and being that sore thumb is one of the reasons I survived. I got a lot of experience and game from living in Watts. I’m from a survivalist city shit we known for the riots.

I think we all wonder Watts up with your nickname.. Tell us a little background info on R.E.D!

“Raised where this niggas live and die by the blue never gone see my face on the source like I do to.” That’s for everybody that’s wondering who I grew up around!! R.E.D. stands for Ready Everlasting Destroyer. I had to always be ready for whatever at all times, I make music that touches the soul my name shall be remembered, and Destroyer is my favorite cuzz that’s what I’m about to do to these Judas artist. I been doing music for a while shouts out to OFTB for giving me my first opportunity to perform in 97. Yea I been doing this shit! I always looked up to my big brother for advice and support as a youngster and still do. My family had tons of ups and downs arguing and fighting we did all that shit, but when it came and comes down to it we got real love for each other, and that’s what molded me to the man I am today. R.I.P. to my Grandparents.

And what about your source of inspiration… Where do you get it and in what artists are you getting your muse?

I was inspired by the Old School, NWA, Too Short, Richy Rich, Rappin 4 Tay, Bones Thuggs, 2pac, LL Cool J, Queen Latifah, Dmx, Biggie, Dj Quik, Snoop  just to mention a few when it comes to putting my music together, but the streets is my everyday inspiration to actually do music. Knowing that people are looking for someone who they can relate, believe, and listen to.

Listen, we all wanna know where we can get our hands on yo shit mayn! Direct us to you store… To your sites…. PROMOTE YO SHIT for us!

Itunes, Amazon Mp3, E music, Rhapsody, Napster, Myspace Music, Spotify, Liquid Digital, Verizon V- Cast, Shockhound, Nokia,, Zune, Medianet, Tradebit, Great Indie Music, Lime Wire, and Thumbplay, Stay Tuned!!!

As is custom dude, we want ya’ll to request a video you wanna see. So any certain tunes you wanna share with us?

Watcha think about King of Swag?

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Exclusive Swag Interviews #3

This is the 1st international interview the Kofs are holding. This time we in the Dirty South!
Introducing Ray Knight, Owner and Manager of Lit Music, Lit Clothing, Lit International. Ray ”LIT” Knight is planning on expanding his efficacy; going international with his entrepreneurialism. Therefore we @ King of Swag are supporting his cause.

Let us know a little bit bout yourself. Where are you from and what do you do for a living?

I’m from Columbus, Mississippi. I just work on LIT for a living and I go to school at University of Southern Mississippi, where I major in International Business. I started Lit when I was in high school. The first day I sold them, I sold 35 shirts and the next day I sold 67 shirts. Every since then my life has been Lit.  Lit means Lost In Thought.

Okay, so you’re quite versatile; managing several areas of commers. How do you find time man?

Bro, I just work day and night and It’s a non-stopping process, I live, breath, and sleep Lit, ya know.   But to be honest man I have a terrific team (@TeamLit) and business partner (Keith Lit James) and we all have the same mentally.

So, by now the readers know that you manage an enterprise. One thing that’s shooting out is your Label! Tell us something about this. What’s your plans with it, and have you signed any artists yet?

The label is gonna be dope! It’s called Lit Music and I have the two hot artists who have a lot of potential and are very creative. We plan on making the label one of the biggest in the game.

The first artist we are releasing is SdotBucks. He is very creative and dope! I think he just have a different sound that will make him stand out from everybody else. We just released his first track called Mr. Up Up and Away, which is produced by doughboybeatz. His Mixtape ” The Hangover ” will be releasing on Sept 3, 2010.  Follow SdotBucks on Twitter @sdotbucks!

The second artist we have is King Supreme. He is more of the calm, relax, flow type but his word play and rhymes are definitely on point. He is currently finishing his mixtape called ” Almost Famous ”, which will be releasing later this year. Follow King Supreme on Twitter @KingSupreme86!

The clothing Line! What’s up with that mayn? I love the Lit Shirts.. Is there anything the readers oughta know concerning sales and campains?

Thanks, man. The new fall line will be hitting the net soon, probably October. You can get items from Everybody have to get at least 5 shirts to complete your closet!

Mr Knight, can you enlighten us on what kinda ish’s pumpin through your speakers on a daily basis?

Awe man, I bump everything, but besides SdotBucks and King Supreme, I definitely have Jay-Z, Kanye, Kid Cudi, Wiz Khalifa, Rick Ross, Lil’ Wayne, Lil’ Boosie, and Drake.

What is LIT International?

Lit International is the new venture we are looking to start, I really can’t go into too much detail right now on this cause I think this idea is going change the game, so maybe next interview haha…

Dude, what’s your take on the King of Swag?

I think the site is dope! I think everybody should check it out!  Shoutout to KING OF SWAG!

As custom holds it, we want you to request your favorite track!

Can I request two tracks?  Rick Ross ”Tears of Joy” cause I think this song is going to suit me when I make it to my goals in life and Wiz Khalifa ”The Statement” cause as the song says

” This aint the life that we chose, but it’s the life that we living,
know we belong on the top, but we aint trippin’,
cause we’ll get there in a minute”…. LIT!

Aint now way to refuse you the requests bruh…

Thanks man and good luck!

Thanks for the interview! LIT!

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Exclusive Swag Interview #2:

This is the second King of Swag Interview we are holding since we launched the bloggin’ project about a month ago. The focus this time is on a homegrown international entrepreneur, proffesional photographer etc. Introducing Ralph David Thornell founder and CEO of to the readers @ the KOFS…

I think the readers would appreciate a lil’ background info. Who are you?

What up King of Swag. I’m David Thornell. Born and raised in the small town Lidköping in Sweden. Still situated here while i’m not travelin’ around, I run the Street Addict store with my big brother Daniel, we are crossing borders lookin’ for the hottest clothes the world can offer and bringin’ it out to the Swedish population. I got some other buisness upcomin’ to, first photography, will have a Photoexhibition soon @ Pomonahuset in Lidköping, online @ Also helping out in my family buisness of Wineimporters, got alot of French wines @ systembolaget, for info check that’s about it, gotta have alot of sticks in the fire.

How did ya’ll get into the clothing trade and specifically, why street wear and hiphop?

I got the idea when I still was in school, got so sick and tired of listenin’ to corny ass teachers all day so why not be my own boss and open a shop with clothin’ that I like myself, so its basically how it started

Can you tell us a little somethin’ about your source of influence?

Travelin’ alot around the globe gives me all the influence i need to see whats hot, from Paris to New York City back to Stockholm and around you see what’s the hottest on the street most def!

What kind of car you cruise  (or do you have several cars?)

I got a 97′ Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited,, Pretty oldscholl and hood. haha, thats what i ride on the weeks, Pops got some hot wheels like the Chrysler 300c V8 Hemi and the latest Jeep Grand Cherokee all black.

I think the readers wanna know what’s pumpin through your speakers when you drive?

Right now im chillin’ with the Boston kid Sam Adams, Got some classic Dipset mixtapes to in the mix, alot of Jim Jones tracks, Still spinnin’ Drake – Best I Ever Had,, listened to that song for over a year now but can’t get tired of it…

So now we know that you own and manage Are you keepin’ yourself busy with any other commercial commitments other than the clothing industry?

Yeah. I’m kinda into photography, been for a long time tho,, but now i’m workin’ to have a photoexhibition with photos from cities like New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Paris, Marseille, Cannes, Nice, Monaco and so,, think it’s gonna be of the hook.

What kinda music did you grow up on listening to?

My big bro did take me to the beach with a old boombox and we were listenin’ to 2 Live Crew and Public Enemy all day, This were when i was like 4 years old, he got alot of broads bringin’ me with him all the time… laugh…

Are you planning on expanding

Most def,, we are tryin’ all day every day to expand the buisness,
we are tryin’ now to have three sections in the store, Hip Hop, Skate/Street and Fashion.

Do you have any offers you think the readers should know of @

Street Addict are tryin’ to get you the goods that you don’t find in the other shops, we pick all clothes by ourselves, stuff that we like in personal, When you are shopping att S.A you don’t have to worry that half of Sweden got the same clothes, We often got like just 1-5 of each items and maybe just 1 or 2.. We are tryin’ to keep it exclusive..

What’s your thoughts on King of Swag?

I think it’s hot, You are doin’ your thing and thats what’s up.. keep doin’ it!

So it is custom that the interviewed subject gets to request his or her favorite track. What would you like to hear and why?

It’s gotta be Drake – Best I Ever Had, It got on heavy rotation last summer in New York City, Me and my brother where over to celebrate my 25th birthday and the song where allover the city,, we had a really good time, heavy clubbin’ for 10 days and just lived the life…

The King of Swag will from time to time put people in the spotlight. This is the 1st interview of (hopefully) many more to come.

[KOFS]: -Ok, firstly, for those who do not know who you are, tell us a little something bout yourself  whats your name (artistically) and so on?

Goverment Name: Maroon J Burgess
Age: 24
Born in: Sweden, STOCKHOLM
Orgin: Barbados
Alias: Dapz (Dapz Yuk)

[KOFS]: -When did you start rappin’?

I Started rapping and writing around ”1999-00” I Used to Beatbox, breakdance, Dj and bus caps (Graffiti).

[KOFS]: -Who’s your early influence?

Influence, Music wise? Artists such as Run DMC, Biz Markie, Metalica, Kurtis Blow, Slick Rick, Biggie Smalls, Wu-Tang, Bizzy Bone, Cage, Nirvana etc

[KOFS]: -What artists are playin in your Ipod/mp3?

Erk the Jerk, Ralph Myerz, Chin Chin, The Niceguys, Stromae,
Stuey Rock, Steve Spacek, Kid Cudi, The Bloody Beetroots,
Rusko, Laidback Luke, Moby, M.I.A, Flying Lotus etc

[KOFS]: -Have you released any albums or mixtapes?

Rad junkz – Table Scraps 2003 (10 tracks/w Severe Beats), Royalstreet Entertainment Single ”Ain´t feelin this” feat Fakktap, Medina Hip Hop Patrioter RMX,
P4D – In i doden and diffrent rhyming sessions w/ various artists.

[KOFS]: -Are you planning on tourin’ this summer?

I was schueled to play @ The Peace & Love festival.
But I could´nt make it, due to a pre-planned trip/vaction.
But im hitting up various spots in Stockholm, Norrkoping, Dalarna etc
First stop Norrkoping 17th July, Hamnen. BE THERE!

[KOFS]: -When’s your album (or mixtape) realeased?

My EP The Vendor will be released the 30 th JULY.

[KOFS]: -What’s up with Swedish hiphop?


[KOFS]: -What do you think of King of Swag?

The blog is bloggin, good work.

And yea shout out to Severe Beats, Jah Rude & Shaka, Copywrite, Empuls, King Dom and to all of the people that support me.

Dapz Yuk – Twist So Much

Dapz – Bounce