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Exclusive Swag Interview #2:

This is the second King of Swag Interview we are holding since we launched the bloggin’ project about a month ago. The focus this time is on a homegrown international entrepreneur, proffesional photographer etc. Introducing Ralph David Thornell founder and CEO of to the readers @ the KOFS…

I think the readers would appreciate a lil’ background info. Who are you?

What up King of Swag. I’m David Thornell. Born and raised in the small town Lidköping in Sweden. Still situated here while i’m not travelin’ around, I run the Street Addict store with my big brother Daniel, we are crossing borders lookin’ for the hottest clothes the world can offer and bringin’ it out to the Swedish population. I got some other buisness upcomin’ to, first photography, will have a Photoexhibition soon @ Pomonahuset in Lidköping, online @ Also helping out in my family buisness of Wineimporters, got alot of French wines @ systembolaget, for info check that’s about it, gotta have alot of sticks in the fire.

How did ya’ll get into the clothing trade and specifically, why street wear and hiphop?

I got the idea when I still was in school, got so sick and tired of listenin’ to corny ass teachers all day so why not be my own boss and open a shop with clothin’ that I like myself, so its basically how it started

Can you tell us a little somethin’ about your source of influence?

Travelin’ alot around the globe gives me all the influence i need to see whats hot, from Paris to New York City back to Stockholm and around you see what’s the hottest on the street most def!

What kind of car you cruise  (or do you have several cars?)

I got a 97′ Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited,, Pretty oldscholl and hood. haha, thats what i ride on the weeks, Pops got some hot wheels like the Chrysler 300c V8 Hemi and the latest Jeep Grand Cherokee all black.

I think the readers wanna know what’s pumpin through your speakers when you drive?

Right now im chillin’ with the Boston kid Sam Adams, Got some classic Dipset mixtapes to in the mix, alot of Jim Jones tracks, Still spinnin’ Drake – Best I Ever Had,, listened to that song for over a year now but can’t get tired of it…

So now we know that you own and manage Are you keepin’ yourself busy with any other commercial commitments other than the clothing industry?

Yeah. I’m kinda into photography, been for a long time tho,, but now i’m workin’ to have a photoexhibition with photos from cities like New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Paris, Marseille, Cannes, Nice, Monaco and so,, think it’s gonna be of the hook.

What kinda music did you grow up on listening to?

My big bro did take me to the beach with a old boombox and we were listenin’ to 2 Live Crew and Public Enemy all day, This were when i was like 4 years old, he got alot of broads bringin’ me with him all the time… laugh…

Are you planning on expanding

Most def,, we are tryin’ all day every day to expand the buisness,
we are tryin’ now to have three sections in the store, Hip Hop, Skate/Street and Fashion.

Do you have any offers you think the readers should know of @

Street Addict are tryin’ to get you the goods that you don’t find in the other shops, we pick all clothes by ourselves, stuff that we like in personal, When you are shopping att S.A you don’t have to worry that half of Sweden got the same clothes, We often got like just 1-5 of each items and maybe just 1 or 2.. We are tryin’ to keep it exclusive..

What’s your thoughts on King of Swag?

I think it’s hot, You are doin’ your thing and thats what’s up.. keep doin’ it!

So it is custom that the interviewed subject gets to request his or her favorite track. What would you like to hear and why?

It’s gotta be Drake – Best I Ever Had, It got on heavy rotation last summer in New York City, Me and my brother where over to celebrate my 25th birthday and the song where allover the city,, we had a really good time, heavy clubbin’ for 10 days and just lived the life…


Adidas Y-3 Heels 4 the Ladies

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Hussle’s not only in your mp3 playin’,  he’s on yo feet now as well. This is his signature shoe, inspired by the swedish flag?