About the KOFS!

Lets keep it brief! This is the ish where ya’ll get your music! The king of swag makes it look easy!

Main focus on:

1. Fresh New Music (HipHop and RnB)

2. Old Classics (HipHop and RnB)

3. Every Saturday we’ll have Ladies Night

4. The Exclusive swag Interviews Section: every now and then we align the lights upon artists and entrepeneurs within the area of hiphop and rnb; i.e subjects who are in some way connected to the industry.

5. The Lil’ Innerviews Section. Here we let the young and talented upcomers shine. You gots to be 13-17 to get interviewed!

NOTICE: Please remember this site is for promotion only! If you listen to something on here you like make sure to buy the Artist album when it comes out in stores. It will include exclusive stuff this site can not offer to you. Make sure to buy tickets to concerts and see the shows!

Official King of Swag Facebook Team



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