Snoop Dogg – Boss’ Life ft. Nate Dogg [Kofs Tribute]

Publicerat: 2011/03/17 i Hiphop, Video

It’s so sad, I mean, 20 years we’ve been listening to this artiste! But no more. Here’s a little track we used to play all the time in 2007/2008…

Late last night, Twitter went into overload, reporting the passing away of one of music’s greatest hook men (and hip hop’s greatest, period) in Nate Dogg. It has officially been confirmed that he has indeed passed away at the very young age of 41 as a result of complications from multiple strokes.

Everyone has their own favorite records that Nate Dogg has graced (Dr. Dre’s ‘The Next Episode’, Snoop Dogg’s ‘Lay Low’, 2Pac’s ‘All About U’ and of course, Warren G’s ‘Regulate’ to give a few examples) so above, I offered one of my favorite records he was apart of and below if you wish, you can pay respect to the man himself and thank him for whichever favorite record of yours he provided a hook to. RIP Nate Dogg or as Erykah Badu tweeted, “Rest In Beats”.



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