Godwon Feat: Ikechukwu & Sauce Kid – 2 Much Money

Publicerat: 2011/03/14 i African Vibe, Hiphop, Video

Yeah I’m a little late on it. This shit puts Africa on the map though. Here’s the “2 Much Money (Remix)” video by Godwon, Ikechukwu and Sauce Kid.

We so often see Nigerian videos that lack concept or direction, but in my opinion, Clarence Peters got this one spot-on (as he usually does anyway). The “gang” arrives at their secret hide-out after a big hit, start counting their stacks of paper and ofcourse, the beautiful women are not left out. That pretty much sums up the life of a true gangsta/criminal. Y’all know how I feel about this joint. Watch it… then watch it again. /NJO



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