Jayo Swaggarite ft. Johnny Juliano – Elevator Man

Publicerat: 2010/12/28 i Exclusive Release, Hiphop

I got this (and a few more) tracks sent to me by my homie Dj Mali Mal from Florida tonight. This cat’s on the rise. He is releasin his mixtape Illa pretty soon. So here ya go. Sum exclusive access to his ill music. I’ll try to convince Dj Mali to let me release a joint with Jayo and DS rapper OJ Da Juiceman in a week or so

Born in the outskirts of Orlando, FL Jayo Swaggarite was born Jay Hall. Growing up in a single parent household with three siblings was not easy, but it exposed Jay to the daily struggles of life and taught him how to survive on the streets.

Though he does not classify himself as a Street Rapper he witness and endured a lot of what the streets had to offer. When he was just 1 year of age his father was viciously murdered, and his mother incarcerated. Not having his mother in his life consistently throughout his adolescent years, and seeing what the streets had to offer it was not hard to make a decision of where he did not want to be.

Instead of the streets he turned to sports just like most children in urban communities. Sports were a way out of the turmoil and poverty of the ghetto, but as time went on and reality came to the forefront Jay made a decision to discontinue sports and pursue a career in music.

The past four years Jay has dedicated himself to his career and has been the opening act for several national recording artist and comedians such as Young Dro, Sticks, Black Dada, Daytona 5 Tuck, Shawty, Arvin Mitchell, and Sheryl Underwood. His music is unique and laced with clairvoyant lyrics that will refresh your memory on the true art of song writing. Just like music has played a major part in his life so have artist such as Field Mobb, Snoop Dogg, Mystikal, The Hot Boyz, Sqad Up, Master P, T.I., and JAY-Z.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Download: Elevator Man feat Johnny Juliano



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