Exclusive Swag Interviews #6 – Double D

Publicerat: 2010/10/08 i Exclusive Swag Interviews

What’s Good People?

This is the 6th Swagga Interview. We in Florida this tyme with Double D
rapper/producer/engineer/singer outta Tallahassee to be precise. This cat’s a new risin’ name in the game and poised to make a lot of noise due to his unparralled work ethic and talent. His new mixtape Trapaganza 2: Da Re
Up is scheduled to drop next month and is hosted by CTE/ Hitmen DJs VP Bigga Rankins. I got in contact with this talanted up and coming artist through his Dj, Gee Stanley about a month ago. He prompted me to listen to his ish, and ya know what’s up with the after math of that meetin’ – us doin’ this interview and all.

First King of Swag wanna thank you for this oppertunity. When I  heard yo hit ”That Loud” played on http://iamdoubled.com/ I knew shit’s up with ya’ll. Can you tell me a little about this track, what’s your thought’s on it. Cuz it is most surely a mainstream hit, as far as I am concerned. It just need to reach out to the clubs. A lot of Dj’s would play I think…

It was actually an old beat I had in the computer for like 6 months. I always liked the beat but I knew it was gon need a different flavor not just me on the record. Then on Famu homecoming 2009 I
bumped into my dawg Swazy Baby rolled a couple blunts an the rest is history.

We know you’re managed by Ivan Rivera (who is also workin’ with J.U.S.T.I.C.E League) and TJ Chapman (who’s behind the ever-famous B.O.B). How’d you team up with these cats?

Through a mutual friend of TJ, Ivan and I my homeboy T. Wood. He felt my last situation was a bad one so he decided to introduce me to the big dawgs who was doin it in the city. He coulda introduced me to alot of ppl but nobody was doin it on their level. With Ivan I met him in the Goodbread projects an Wood was tellin him about me an I just sat in the back listenin cuz I aint wanna come across like ‘yea my music is the shit’ an him not like it. So I decided to just let the music speak for itself. Immediately when he heard the first record he asked me for a CD. But Wood wouldnt give him his CD. He was like ‘nah u gotta get ya own u cant have mines!’

I had to make Wood give up his CD by promisin him another copy cuz thats just somethin he aint gon
do. A day later Ivan hit me up an said he wanted to work with me. Since then he’s been my manager. We goin on a year now an we got a great relationship. When it comes to TJ he’s been a mogul in the city for a long time. We actually had plenty of run-ins with each other but never worked together. When he heard my CD he was blown away because he didnt think somebody from Tallahassee was makin all they beats,writing, mixing, and recording all they own music and it was actually good. So him and Ivan got together and decided they wanted to team up on managing my career. Since then doors been opening up outta everywhere.

When it comes to the Florida Scene in general, and specifically the Tallahasse scene I’m in the dark. Can you shed some light on what’s up with yo area? From what I can tell there has to be a lot of talent in the makings down your way, judging from your work mayn. And ya’ll know I’m down with the South and all..

I gotta keep this all the way real its alot of talent but just like rose seeds if u dont nurture it u’ll never get the beautiful flower that it could become. An with that bein said Im sayin its alot seeds an not enough nurturers. Its alot of talent an not enough ppl to help the talent. So the morale of the city is so low that it will take someone to show them a way to get it versus them all just wantin to be the person in the spotlight. If half of these rappers understood that its free to play the game but u gotta pay if u wanna win they’d do better. U gotta learn how to market n promote ya music to get it out.

There is no difference between me n the next rapper. Its my determination n the drive thats gettin me there. Its not like ya bigger cities here where u have DJ so n so who is tryin to break new artists n do all that. Down here its every man for themselves niggas dont care if u sink or swim. An thats sad when there’s so much talent to offer hell T. Pain is from here. He got his break n now Im gettin my break n mayb in a yr or so another person from roun here will get
theirs cuz the talent is here.

Double D! What’s up with yo choise of name?

Simple I got my name from the comic book character. His name was daredevil an if you ever bought the comic books you would kno his slogan was the ‘man with no fear.’ So, for me it was only right cuz I fear nothin in this rap game. Not failure not success none of that. Cuz ppl can fear bein successful. As a kid it had a deeper meanin tho cuz u could dare me to do anything an I was bout it an my mama used to give to me raw she said i was bad as the devil. So there u have it….

Double D

We saw you at the 9th Annual Duval Diamond Awards, where ya’ll got to perform. Exclusive Access even covered you. Do you have any upcomin’ shows you know of right now?

Im tryna do Famu Homecomin 2010 real big, probably set up some shows around the city ourselves. But hell if you kno somebody wanna book me lemme kno the schedule is open. Other than that its all work no play.

Your New Mixtape Trapaganza 2: Da Re Up got out quite recently. Do you have any  new ish your audience should know of? We would like to know when your album’s to hit the stores and all that

There is no official date yet for an album. But I am workin on a new mixtape w/ DJ Smallz droppin early next year. But the 1st thang on the agenda is killin the streets n makin the hottest shit I can make. As far as an album thats the furthest thing from my mind Im on my mixtape shit right now n tryna gain the respect of my peers cuz i feel like Im on their level. God gotta plan for all of us n I feel like mine is to feed the streets with my pullin no punches real music.

So what do you listen to when you alone? Let the readers at Kofs know what’s pumpin through your speakers right now…

At this moment in time music aint as motivational as it used to be. Im havin to go back n listen to that old Jay-Z UGK Pac 8ball MJG Biggie pretty much anything old. An some R&B cuz i like to drift way from what I do everyday. As far as new rappers u might catch me on that Young Jeezy Yo Gotti or some Lil Wayne. By listenin to them it allows to stay up on whats goin on cuz sometimes my mind will drift onto some shit thats 10 yrs ahead of its time. Some of the shit be on some other shit that doesnt deal with my street side. But at this moment in time u might catch me just listenin to nothin but air, cuz my mind needs a break.

And lastly we get all interview-ies to request a video. So what you wanna share with us pimp?

My new video for ‘Imma Do Next’ feat Ron Doe is on the way so I wanna request my shit but in the meantime I wanna request that Yo Gotti ‘Look in the Mirror.’ Its a motivational video I dig that shit.

Fa sho n Good luck. Hope we gon hear a lot more from you in the future!

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