Jay Z & Coldplay- Viva La Hova [Remastered]

Publicerat: 2010/09/23 i Alternative Hiphop/RnB

As the weather gets colder and summertime fades away, it seemed like a perfect time to re-release a project that can only be described as ambient cold weather music. “Terry and I were planning on re-releasing it in December anyways, just because everywhere we go, people ask us about it,” said Mick Boogie. “After Jay-Z and Coldplay announced their big New Years Eve plans, including performing together integrating their songs… and about a million people emailed us… we decided to just drop the re-release now.

Intro [prod. by mick boogie & terry urban]
2.Public speeding [prod. by cookin’ soul]
3.Know my place [prod. by the amps]
4.Never changing [prod. by nvme]
5.Miss trouble [prod. by judah]
6.Back at my place [prod. by remot]
7.No love coming home [prod. by the kickdrums]
8.Lost part 1 [prod. by coldplay]
9.A spy’s prayer [prod. by nvme]
10.Science is ignorant [prod. by gooch]
11.The reverse fix [prod. by mick boogie & nvme]
12.Hola blanco [prod. by garbs infinite]
13.Take the hill [prod. by nvme]
14.Lost part 2 [remixed by mick boogie]
15.Cold success [prod. by 9th wonder]
16.What if we cry [prod. by remot]
17.Beach chair [prod. by coldplay]
18.Falling in shadows [prod. by 6th sense]
19.Life of clocks [prod. by terry urban]
20.X-y-z (prod. by hasan insane)

Jay Z & Coldplay- Viva La Hova (Remastered)



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