2Pac – Untouchable ft. Bad Azz, Snoop Dogg, E.D.I & Kadafi – Untouchable

Publicerat: 2010/09/14 i Hiphop

This is an unreleased jam from 2pac’s rap stock … Check it out!

Download: 2Pac – Untouchable (Ft. Bad Azz, Snoop Dogg, E.D.I & Kadafi) (#R.I.P. Pac)

“Pac was the definition of faith. You could hear the conviction in every line he pushed out. I think very few artist find out how to be there true selves through their music but Pac was one of the few. His honesty and vulnerability made it almost impossible not to relate.”- Nipsey Hussle

Shout out to YK2D



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