Lil’ Swag Innerviews #1 – T’Muzzik

Publicerat: 2010/08/23 i Lil Swag Innerviews #1

So this the 1st Lil’ Innerviews the King of Swag’s holdin’. The reason for this new interview section on the blog’s logic. There’s alot of talented young people out there @ the age of 13-17 who just gots to get a break. From tyme to tyme we’ll be puttin up these talanted shawty’s on the spot. So the first subject of interview is a lil homie called T’Muzzik. He’s been rappin’ and creating music since the age of 12.

Yeah, T’Muzzik what it do? Let us know a little bout’ ya self. Who are you?

Like I am T’Muzzik what yhu see is what yhu get. Like I love muzzik thats why it’s part of my name. Um im form the north but moved down here when i was five so i have a lil of the up north swagg and down south swagg so i can relate to all type of muzzik. Im in a group called J’Rank/ M.S.M.G.

How did ya’ll get into the game?

Like i been wanting to be in the game since i was in the 6th grade my mom had i boyfriend that had just started to get in the game with his hit single ”Swagg”. And how he was getting fans and doing shows i was like i want that one day. So my 7th grade he started to take me to the studio and i loved to just sit and there and see him at work. But later on that year he got locked up so i had start writing muzzik and then my 8th grade year came and i got this digital camara. And meh and my cousin started to record our songs on the camara with the beat playing in the back ground. Like lol man we thought we was doing some and the thing is that people liked it. Then the end of my 9th grade i got with some friend they called they self StudioGeekz and then thats when i got my 1st real studio time like it felt so good and the start of my 10th grade year i got my 1st studio at my house and since i been making a song every week.

Is it hard to be young trynna survive in the industry? Cuz there’s alot of young musicians out there, so the competition’s gots to be as real as it gets?

Yeah to me like it’s real hard cause we Mississippi and people dont look at us as big talents and tell the truth like i think that J’Rank could do what ever the next group or man do.

So what artists are your source of influence?

Drake, cause he’s so calm and laid back plus i love the way he sing and rapp. lil Wayne, cause the man is just to good for his self and he can do any type of song and it would go hard. K.West, cause he dont care what people think or say bout him he gone do him no matter what plus i love his swagg.

Is it obvious in your music who you get your inspiration from?

Yeah on my new muzzik since i then sat down and started to write and take my time on what im gone say.

So now we know that you do Solo acts. But from what I know you in a band as well. Can you tell us something about that?

Like im in a gropu called J’Rank/M.S.M.G and we make muzzik that people can relate to from slow songs to club songs to songs that can make yhu feel good bout your self. And we really just love to have fun like normal teenagers. group members: Campboy, Gyma, T’muzzik and Corry Geno…

How do you manage both school and Music at the same time? Cuz i’d bet that’s pretty hard. A lot of readers your age would be happy to get som tips..

Ummm well my mom told meh if i dont make good grades she was gone take my computer, so no computer no sudio. Like when i go to school i try hard like as if i was working on a new song and im trying to get to the top. And if yhu treat your muzzik like yhu treat your school work you should be at least a C+ students it depends on how much yhu give to your muzzik #swaggg.

So what about your fanbase, it’s pretty big for a dude your age. Do you keep them entertained at all cost? How do you reach out?

Like yeah its getting pretty big like when we go to the mall people come up and shake our hands girls give us hugs and what not and the same when we got to school. Yeah and we try to entertain our fans alot and we love to see our fans relating to our sngs. And we reach out bout sometimes asking our fans what type of song should we make and what should it be about.

Have you any shows comin’ up? And let us know about you tapes and albums…

Yeah like we had a couple of shows this summer not big but they was cool. But on the mixtape side the group drop two mixtapes. And i drop two on my own and im working on my 3rd one now and its going real good right now like i dont have a date that im looking forward to dropping it but when i get done King Of Swagg would be one of the 1st to get the download link.

I’d like to know a little more about the artists on your pod right now. What’s pumping through ya speakers ryte now?

The whole YoungMoney, Travis Porter, Soulja Boy, Lil B, and Rosceo Dash

What is your take on King of Swag?

Like man King of Swagg is one of the best sites for young talented artist like real talk i fool with King of Swagg the long way #swagg.

Every person I interview gets to request a vid or a track. So who would you like to share with the readers?

Lil Wayne ft. Drake Right Above It

Thank you for the Interview and good luck bruh!

Download:T’Muzzik – Unstoppable Freestyle

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  1. Adam Crippa hussle skriver:

    Tmuzzik hott n on da grind reppin da south we down wid dis fuckin dope shit man ain’t no frontin cuz we some real niggaz

  2. Leona tree n some mo skriver:

    Who this not whack but not dope still on it tho


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