Excklusive Swag Interviews #3 – Lit

Publicerat: 2010/08/13 i Exclusive Swag Interviews

Exclusive Swag Interviews #3

This is the 1st international interview the Kofs are holding. This time we in the Dirty South!
Introducing Ray Knight, Owner and Manager of Lit Music, Lit Clothing, Lit International. Ray ”LIT” Knight is planning on expanding his efficacy; going international with his entrepreneurialism. Therefore we @ King of Swag are supporting his cause.

Let us know a little bit bout yourself. Where are you from and what do you do for a living?

I’m from Columbus, Mississippi. I just work on LIT for a living and I go to school at University of Southern Mississippi, where I major in International Business. I started Lit when I was in high school. The first day I sold them, I sold 35 shirts and the next day I sold 67 shirts. Every since then my life has been Lit.  Lit means Lost In Thought.

Okay, so you’re quite versatile; managing several areas of commers. How do you find time man?

Bro, I just work day and night and It’s a non-stopping process, I live, breath, and sleep Lit, ya know.   But to be honest man I have a terrific team (@TeamLit) and business partner (Keith Lit James) and we all have the same mentally.

So, by now the readers know that you manage an enterprise. One thing that’s shooting out is your Label! Tell us something about this. What’s your plans with it, and have you signed any artists yet?

The label is gonna be dope! It’s called Lit Music and I have the two hot artists who have a lot of potential and are very creative. We plan on making the label one of the biggest in the game.

The first artist we are releasing is SdotBucks. He is very creative and dope! I think he just have a different sound that will make him stand out from everybody else. We just released his first track called Mr. Up Up and Away, which is produced by doughboybeatz. His Mixtape ” The Hangover ” will be releasing on Sept 3, 2010.  Follow SdotBucks on Twitter @sdotbucks!

The second artist we have is King Supreme. He is more of the calm, relax, flow type but his word play and rhymes are definitely on point. He is currently finishing his mixtape called ” Almost Famous ”, which will be releasing later this year. Follow King Supreme on Twitter @KingSupreme86!

The clothing Line! What’s up with that mayn? I love the Lit Shirts.. Is there anything the readers oughta know concerning sales and campains?

Thanks, man. The new fall line will be hitting the net soon, probably October. You can get items from http://www.litworld.com. Everybody have to get at least 5 shirts to complete your closet!

Mr Knight, can you enlighten us on what kinda ish’s pumpin through your speakers on a daily basis?

Awe man, I bump everything, but besides SdotBucks and King Supreme, I definitely have Jay-Z, Kanye, Kid Cudi, Wiz Khalifa, Rick Ross, Lil’ Wayne, Lil’ Boosie, and Drake.

What is LIT International?

Lit International is the new venture we are looking to start, I really can’t go into too much detail right now on this cause I think this idea is going change the game, so maybe next interview haha…

Dude, what’s your take on the King of Swag?

I think the site is dope! I think everybody should check it out!  Shoutout to KING OF SWAG!

As custom holds it, we want you to request your favorite track!

Can I request two tracks?  Rick Ross ”Tears of Joy” cause I think this song is going to suit me when I make it to my goals in life and Wiz Khalifa ”The Statement” cause as the song says

” This aint the life that we chose, but it’s the life that we living,
know we belong on the top, but we aint trippin’,
cause we’ll get there in a minute”…. LIT!

Aint now way to refuse you the requests bruh…

Thanks man and good luck!

Thanks for the interview! LIT!

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  1. tunedfreak skriver:

    Interesting, sdot was prety good. These guys will get big

  2. Slipsknuten skriver:

    gillar dina intervjuer mannen

  3. Lisabonboy skriver:


  4. boosiefan skriver:

    tack bra interviu

  5. JohnJohn skriver:

    I’ve been following LIT overhere in the states and it is growing by the day, the shirts they have are dope and i got a feeling that whatever they venture into will be big. Shot out to LIT and to the Swagga Swagger!

  6. Glenn French skriver:

    Tunga grejer. Keep it up så misstänker jag att vi snart kommer se riktigt tunga namn här. Du har något på G!


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